When terroir doesn’t play by the rules…

Who said making wine in Slovenia would be boring? Never ceases to surprise. I had been thinking of what I should write for this blog post, and then it came to me, in the post….Scan0003

What’s that? I hear a lot of you ask. Well that is essentially a piece of paper that says that our 2015 Rose is illegal, or to be more precise that it has failed accreditation.

How is this possible? I hear you ask. Well apparently the total acid is lower than the minimum allowable amount written in Slovene law. And here is where we have a problem, because this is a wine that has been made in a very minimal intervention way. Nothing added(except for sulphur, once as juice and once post Malolactic fermentation) and nothing taken away. Clearly the low acid is not a result of being picked extremely late, as the alcohol is just 12,66%, in fact 2015 was the earliest that we have ever picked this vineyard. This is a wine that is a representation of the grapes from those particular pinot noir vines on that particular piece of dirt in the year 2015. A wine of terroir.

The kicker, for this wine to be deemed legal I would have to add acid, something that is illegal here…

Anyway, now that it is illegal, just maybe it tastes even better…20160527_191203Cheers



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