Photo: Alessandro Griccioli

So over the weekend I was down in Bulgaria at the Balkan International Wine Competition. In addition to a competition they run a festival over two days and that is why I went. The festival is open to the public and gives wineries like us a chance for a bit of exposure. It could only be described as a roaring success. The wines were the talk of the festival, and it was really nice to get so much great positive feedback from so many people. One real highlight was getting a mention in Jamie Goode’s blog. I also became a knighted #winelover. The whole festival was very well organised and run. I had a great time, met some fabulous people and drank some great wines. Can’t wait to go back next year.


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  1. Hi Nick,it was a pleasure meeting you and your wines at the BIWC 2013! I have some photos of your wines on my ipad – promise to send them in a few days. Congratulations again for the wines and the extremely provocative labels:-))

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