It’s winter and it’s bloody cold

IMG_20130116_155358So was just looking back at what I have been writing here, and it seems that every post tends to start the same way; with me apologising for how long it has been since I last posted something. Oh well. Sorry its been so long. This time I promise I will try harder to keep you up to date. Not much is happening at this time of the year. It’s winter, and it’s bloody cold. The vineyards are covered in snow. The wines are also in hibernation so to speak, it is around 10 degrees Celsius in the cellar, so much to cold for malolactic fermentation to take place. They should slowly come back to life in the spring as temperatures warm up. I can’t wait for spring! Oh and for those of you who didn’t see, here are some nice words about our Modra Frankinja by Marijan Močivnik


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